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In the 1950s, Juffali first entered the Automotive sector through their association with Mercedes-Benz. Building on this relationship, and expanding their interests in the sector, Juffali is now involved in almost every aspect of the automotive industry, through leading international partnerships and local initiatives – including retail, vehicle assembly, bodywork, tyres and spare parts.

Juffali Industrial Products Company (JIPCO) was established to provide sales, marketing and after-sale functions for the Mercedes-Benz (MB) range of Commercial Vehicles. JIPCO is the sole agent and distributor of Daimler AG commercial vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In association with the Daimler AG, JIPCO provides its customers with unparalleled quality Mercedes-Benz products, with reliable service and support even in the remotest areas of the Kingdom. JIPCO is also the authorized dealer for Freightliner and Western Star ranges of trucks, produced by Daimler

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P.O. Box 15192, Sultan City, 18°15'36.6 N, 42°38'05.5 E, Abha, Saudi Arabia

P.O. Box 24, 31411, 26°23'36.3 N, 50°09'12.9 E, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

P.O. Box 5938, 21432, 21°26'54.0 N, 39°19'24.8 E, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

P.O. Box 86, 11411, 24°44'25.1 N, 46°48'06.8 E, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia