JIPCO Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned in Saudi Arabia

Sometimes second-hand can be first choice

When they take delivery of a Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Truck, our customers are guaranteed a vehicle that has been thoroughly checked, while they are also able to benefit from the many advantages that come with buying from Mercedes-Benz.

The right partner for every task - buying a Certified Pre-Owned Truck from our specialist MENA dealers comes with a wide choice of optional attractive offers, including comprehensive testing by our highly trained technicians and services such as Service Contracts and GenuineParts.

The quality of a Mercedes-Benz is unsurpassed. This is a claim that extends not only to the brand’s new vehicles, but which has just as much validity for Certified Pre-Owned Trucks.

Certifed Pre-Owned Truck qualifying Criteria

Under 5 years old Trucks that are maximum 5 years old.
Under 500,000km Mileage of a truck that has special benefits like inspection and service shouldn't exceed 500,000 Km
Multi-Point Checks Multi-point inspection and check up is conducted in Juffali - MB Workshops
High Standard Applying Mercedes Benz high standards in all Pre Owned Trucks business process gives us the lead
MVPI Renewed License All our Pre Owned Trucks have a valid Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection certificate carried out annually by certified centers, authorised by Ministry of Transport & Traffic Department.
6-12 Month Powertrain Warranty All our Pre-Owned trucks have our “Best Service” programme and we can provide 6 to 12 months Warranty on Power Terrain (Engine, Gearbox, Rear Axle) for some of our trucks.

FUSO Range

With infinite possibilities, wherever your Canter is put to use it offers solutions that are, quite simply, impressive. Thanks to the wide range of models available and to sector-specific attachments there is bound to be just the right Canter to meet your requirements.

Repair & Maintenance

For peace of mind over your running costs, why not take out one of our Repair & Maintenance Contracts, which are available on our Certified Pre-Owned trucks which include Aftersales Support from our General Distributors.

Speak to your Local General Distributor to find out more.